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William Hayes – Concerto for Violins in G minor

The New Baroque Orchestra

William Hayes, Doctor of Music and organist at St. Magdalen College, Oxford, was Georg Fredrich Haendel’s greatest contemporary exponent. Many of Handel’s works received their first performance out of London under the direction of Hayes, and it was Haendel’s music, along with that of Arcangelo Corelli, which was considered by Hayes to be the most exemplary models for composition. Hayes, however, had no qualms with adding a personal touch and his compositions are incredible specimens which have remained out of sight for too long.

Sir William Herschel – Sinfonia da Camera

The New Baroque Orchestra

Sir William Frederick Herschel came to England with his brother from Hannover engaged as an oboist with the Hannoverian Guards regiment. Playing the violin, oboe, and keyboards, Herschel became an active musician in provincial England. When he moved to Sunderland in 1761 Charles Avison appointed him first violin and soloist in his Newcastle orchestra. Herschel later moved to Halifax to take the position as Organist at St. John the Baptist, then to Bath as Organist of the Octagonal Chapel and director of Public Concerts. Though his musical activities payed the bills in his first quarter-century in England, Herschel ‘moonlighted’, pardon the pun, as a telescope maker and astronomer. Today it is his numerous observations and activities including discovering the planet Uranus, infra-red light, and construction of the 40ft telescope in Slough which he is best-known for.

Past Projects

Telemann – Völker-Ouvertüre/Les Nations
  • Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
    • Suite in B-Flat Major, TWV 55:B5, “Völker-Ouverture” 20 mins
      • Ouverture
      • Menuets I and II
      • Les turcs
      • Les suisses
      • Les moscovites
      • Les portugais
      • Les boiteux – Les coureurs
  • Suite in G Major, TWV 55:G1, “La Musette” 14 mins
    • Ouverture
    • Napolitaine
    • Polonaise
    • Murky
    • Menuett
    • Musette
    • Harlequinade
The Philarmonic Academy in Bologna, A Baroque Portrait
  • Giovanni Bononcini (1670 – 1747) [joined the Academy in 1685]
    • Larghetto, from Sinfonia Op.3 n.1 in F major
  • Santo Lapis (c.1699 – 1765) [joined the Academy in 1719]
    • Sinfonia n. 4 in B flat major (1754) “dedicated to the Music College of Utrecht”
  • Giuseppe Matteo Alberti (1685 – 1751) [joined the Academy in 1705]
    • Concerto Op.2 n. 4 in G major
  • Benedetto Marcello (1686 – 1739) [joined the Academy in 1710]
    • Concerto Op.1 n. 4 in F major
  • Santo Lapis
    • Sinfonia n.6 in A major
Mid-century Modernists? Hayes, Herschel, Avison
  • Sir William Herschel (1738-1822) – Symphonia da Camera/Sunderland, in the County of Durham, appril 20th, 1761
    •  Allegro assai
    • (unspecified)
    • Presto assai
  • William Hayes (1708-1777) – Concerto for Violins in g minor
    • (unspecified), Allegro
    • Andante larghetto e Cantabile
    • Pastorale
  • Charles Avison (1709-1770) – Concerto 3 in d minor, after sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti
    • Largo andante
    • Allegro spiritoso
    • Vivace
    • Più Allegro